My Current Investments

My Current Investments

Before we get into the thick of things I’d thought I’d give you an overview of my current investments.  My accounts with a brief description are below:

Stock/Cash Assets:

  • Stock Brokerage: ≈$62k – I pretty much just buy stocks with this money, if I need any additional funds for buying major appliances or what not it comes out of this account, though I try not to take any money out.
  • Mutual Fund Brokerage: ≈$16k – This is just four mutual funds I own, I don’t like to look at them with the stocks, so they are in their own account
  • Rollover IRA: ≈$90k – This is the result of my previous two jobs, one I was at for 10 years, the other I was at for 13 months
  • Current 401k: ≈$1,700 – I have been with my current company less than six months
  • Checking : ≈$4k – I actually have two checking accounts, I only keep money in them that I will need in the next 30 days for a bill.  There are two checking accounts for two reasons:
    • I use Chase for my credit cards and my mortgage is paid out of that account.  Having the chase account makes it easier.
    • I use Fidelity for everything other than my credit cards and paying my mortgage so I opened up a checking account with them.  Bonus of a Fidelity checking account; you are reimbursed for all ATM fees since they have no ATMs.

Other Assets (not investments):

  • Car: Trying to sell it, worth about $4k
  • Motorcycle: I really want to sell this, but I also really like riding it, worth about $3k


  • House: Worth about $350, I owe $260


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