Fun Money

Fun Money

Hey Everyone!

I wrote in the About Me that I like exploring fun ways to make money (fun money).  These are usually not very lucrative, and they usually take some time, but if it involves learning something new or a minimal investment of time I am usually open to trying it out.  A year or two ago I got into bitcoin mining and that was somewhat lucrative for a short amount of time, but since then I haven’t really done anything fun.  Well that is about to change because the other day I came across The Penny Hoarder, it is a great site that focuses on ways to increase your budget by making extra money.

I haven’t really had a chance to dig through the site, if you haven’t noticed I haven’t been around much lately, but I was looking through a few articles and one that caught my eye was this one about Inbox Dollars.   On the site they say that they made $30 in one hour, I am really big on maximizing my down time so this seems like a good site for me to look into.  I plan on signing up for the site next week when I’m at the airport waiting for a flight.  I’d get to it sooner, but I’m currently learning about options trading on my commute (more on that to come in the future).

I’ll try to get another post up in the next few days, work has just been very hectic lately and I haven’t had a ton of time.  Don’t worry though, a stressful job just motivates me to save more money so I can retire earlier.  Have fun making your fun money and I’ll be back soon!

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