Investment Portfolio

Investment Portfolio

Like most people, my investment portfolio is made up of a few types of accounts:

Checking – I only use these for bills in the next 30-60 days.  I usually keep 3-5k in these at any given time.
Brokerage – Do all my main investing in these, also keep all my cash reserves here.
Retirement – I have two retirement accounts, one Rollover IRA and one current 401k

Below you’ll find a summary of my current holdings in my brokerage accounts – I’ve lumped them all into one chart below, but I keep the mutual funds separate from the stocks because I don’t like looking at them together. The stocks update all the time, the mutual funds only updated in the evening, it’s just easier to keep them apart.

SymbolDescriptionQuantityDividend YieldCost BasisInitial Buy InCurrent Price (4/8/15)Current Value (4/8/15)Change Since Purchase
AINVApollo Investment Group60010.31%$8.1912/10/2012$7.90$4,737.00-$178.65
BRK.BBerkshire Hathaway B200.00%$107.944/26/2013$143.26$2,865.20$706.45
LOLorillard Inc653.62%$68.032/12/2015$68.83$4,473.63$51.53
WBAWalgreens Boots Alliance300.61.54%$45.1210/31/2011$87.60$26,332.56$12,772.63
YELPYelp Inc2500.00%$59.6211/5/2014$47.45$11,862.50-$3,024.54
AKREXAKRE Focus Fund Retail239.3782.00%$17.564/8/2013$23.39$5,599.05$1,396.64
FBIOXFidelity Select Biotech19.9979.34%$146.884/24/2013$255.23$5,103.83$2,166.73
PETDXPIMCO Real Estate723.13735.25%$4.765/1/2013$3.86$2,791.31-$649.36

I haven’t put my retirement accounts in here yet, I tend to rebuy the whole portfolio a couple times a year, and I just don’t think they are very exciting. If anyone wants me to add those in I will.